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Commercial Shop Houses/ Building


Industrial/Bungalow Land

Agriculture land


Sales Process for Listing Sellers

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Step 1: Concrete qualifying questions
JU PROPERTIES will find out what are the selling criteria for the property set by the owner. We will ask a series of questions so that the property will be sold under the desired terms and conditions.
Step 2: Research on surrounding area and walk through of seller house
Next, JU PROPERTIES will walk through the property with the seller to find out additional information which will be useful for the sale of the property. Thereafter, JU PROPERTIES will do a research on the surrounding area which will be compiled and used as selling points for the property.
Step 3: Marketing plan and informational material given to Seller
JU PROPERTIES will then prepare a marketing plan and any informational material which will be given to the seller. Here, JU PROPERTIES will go through the strategies and tactics to be used to sell the property.
Step 4: Presentation with visuals and satistics given to Seller to read through
After the marketing plan and informational material has been finalized, JU PROPERTIES will then prepare a presentation with visual aids and statistics to be given to the sellers as well. We as agents have to think of the whole concept plan and communicate that concept plan to the seller so that the listing will be sold fast.

Sales Process for Buyers

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Step 1: Getting buyers attention
In this first step, JU PROPERTIES will make the initial contact with the buyers via one of the many channels that it is marketing in. Essentially, we are prospecting for buyers for the properties listed for sale in JU PROPERTIES.
Step 2: Raising their interest
Next, JU PROPERTIES will call the interested buyers to qualify and interview them. Should the buyers meet the criteria as a qualified and interested buyer, JU PROPERTIES will then set up an appointment to meet up with the buyer.
Step 3: Creating desire
During the meeting, JU PROPERTIES will show the properties to the prospect. We will walk them through the properties and use the marketing materials prepared to create an intense desire to make a purchase.
Step 4: Closing
JU PROPERTIES will then assist the buyers to decide which property to buy based on their requirements and needs. JU PROPERTIES has always held up to a high standard code of conduct and never hard sells to any prospects.


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